Sticking to Aroma

Scent is a key ingredient for deliciousness.

Scenery of food

How do we feel that food is delicious? Although the taste of food is limited to sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami, we cannot describe the delights of taste with only the 5 basic senses of tastes. How's that so?

It's because there is an invisible, yet significant factor called "scent" which is deeply committed to every taste.

Secrets of delicious taste


For example, when you eat an apple and you can smell it you will think "Wow, this is a really sweet and juicy apple!" However, if you eat the same apple but cannot smell the apple, you will be able to taste "sweet and sour" but you won't know it is actually an apple. In other words, deliciousness is determined not just by the sense of the taste, but will come from "Scent" and " Taste" together.


'Scent' is necessary for living.


Scent is a main part of deliciousness. Adding tastiness to food by using scent contributes a more fulfilling experience. This is one of Golden Kelly's missions.

We deliver new scents by pursuing our study with persistent effort to express the scent our clients seek.


The role of invisible scents

Flavor is used for various purposes to make good food more delicious.

Flavoring : Adding flavors to unscented food.

Enrich palatability with flavoring hard candy, gum, and sparkling soda.

Make up for flavor
Make up for flavor: Making up for lost aroma.

Reinforce the food's original fragrance which has been weakened during processing to make jams and coffee, as well as make up for less scented foods.

Masking: Moderating unfavorable odors from food.

Cover the unfavorable original smell of raw material like soy drinks and functional food, and/or the smell from processing.

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